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Fall back into your skincare!

When the leaves start to crunch under our feet and the wind begins to bluster, how can we kick up our skincare game so we’re ready for the long rainy season in the PNW?

Spa Sassé has a few skincare tips for this fall.

Laser treatment - Shorter, cooler fall days allow for extra time to rest the skin after a laser session, especially since sunlight should be avoided post-laser facial.

Thicker moisturizer - Fall is the most humid season. Early October is the perfect time to upgrade to a thicker cream to help aid in hydration and act as a barrier between the skin and the surrounding environment.

Decrease exfoliants + retinoid use - If your skin is starting to feel dry during this time of year, try decreasing retinol and skip combining the product with active exfoliating products like alpha hydroxy acid or beta hydroxy acid.

Lip moisturizer - As the air gets crisper, and our skin gets dryer, using a natural lip balm or moisturizer is a great way to protect your lips from dry air and wind.

Eye cream - If you’re anywhere near Spa Sassé in Portland Oregon, you’ll know that fall is when we usually experience a huge lack of sunshine and Vitamin D, which is crucial in achieving a healthy glow in our skin. Eye creams are almost a necessity during fall and winter, and make sure to look for natural, minimal ingredients.

Sunscreen - Just because the sun is going away does not mean that the UV rays are going away too! Make sure you keep up your sunscreen routine whether it’s staying inside all day with a cup of tea, or gathering with family at the pumpkin patch.

Bonus: Schedule a facial with your esthetician, and come up with a game plan for a perfectly tailored fall skincare routine.

Call 503-228-8266 for any questions regarding booking an appointment, or talk to one of our estheticians about the eminence skincare line for recommended products!

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joy joy
Oct 31, 2022


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joy joy
Oct 31, 2022

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