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Moonstruck Massage: What is it and where did it come from?

Here at Spa Sassé, we have spent years perfecting the soothing, relaxing environment found throughout the spa. We were the first in Portland to offer side-by-side couples massage, and we stepped it up a notch with flowers, rose petals, chocolates and complimentary wine. Years ago, in the beginning, we called it the Romance Rose Massage, and it was a hit - especially for Valentine’s day, special dates out and anniversaries.

After Covid, we decided to change it up a bit, modernize the name, amp up the quality, and serve our beloved local chocolates, Moonstruck chocolate truffles. We renamed it the Moonstruck Massage - definitely a catchy name, with high-end local chocolate truffles and Champagne or Mimosas, Moonstruck Massage really says it all!




Dazed or distracted with romantic sentiment.

Romantically sentimental. Lost in fantasy or reverie.

To be in a dazed, semiconscious, crazy, or love-stricken state.

Our goal with the Moonstruck Massage is to pamper our guests with only the best, leaving you in a state of wonderful bliss. When coupled with the one you love, we hope to leave you both in a state of dazed, semiconscious, blissful state of love.

What could be better?! The only thing we can think of it to pair it with a couples Vichy shower/Rain treatment afterwards.

Over the moon!

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