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CoolTone ab workout for mom. Learn about the Linea alba, Diastasis recti, and how CoolTone can help

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

The linea alba is a thin band of connective tissue that runs down the front of your abdomen. It separates the left and right sides of your rectus abdominis - AKA your "six-pack abs." It begins at the lower end of your sternum (breastbone) and ends at the public bone. It's highly elastic and strong. It's an attachment point for other abdominal muscles and helps anchor and stabilize your torso.

Everyone has a linea alba. It helps stabilize your core and acts as an anchor for your abdominals. During pregnancy, it can get damaged from being overstretched. A weak linea alba may cause back pain, poor posture, gastrointestinal issues or make you feel unstable.

When a person is pregnant or has obesity, linea alba stretches to accommodate their growing belly. Often the linea alba is stretched so far that it doesn't come back together. As a result, the left and right sides of the abdominals remain separated. This is called an ab gap or abdominal separation. Some ab separation is

common and expected, especially during pregnancy. Diastasis recti occurs when there is an excessive separation between the abdominals. It can create a visible bulge or pooch that protrudes around your abdomen.

A weak or overstretched linea alba can cause symptoms such as:

  • Coning or doming when you contract your ab muscles.

  • Difficulty lifting objects, walking or performing everyday tasks.

  • Pelvic or hip pain.

  • Low back pain.

  • Poor posture.

  • Leaking Urine.

Exercises, physical therapy and CoolTone muscle stimulation can typically help heal an ab gap and/or Diastasis recti. CoolTone quickly strengthens core muscles and can give mom a much needed boost. In many cases, CoolTone may rectify the situation in as little as four sessions.

We have had many patients who are amazed that in just a few CoolTone Treatments, their abdomen muscles strengthen so much that their abdominal gap is corrected very quickly.

We hear them exclaim: “It just came back together!” These are people that worked out hard and have tried core strengthening exercises to no avail, and then came in to give CoolTone a try as a last resort, and Viola! Happiness at last! CoolTone can work wonders when all else fails, so why not try it first?

What could be a better gift for mom than to help her regain her beautiful body and feel amazing again.

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