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Micro DermaRoller Vs. Professional Microneedling - Here’s a breakdown of the differences:

Derma Rollers: Derma rollers are a simple hand-held device that is rolled across the skin manually, with no variance of speed or depth. The derma roller needles penetrate the skin at a 45-degree angle, creating sideways tearing wounds in the skin, often causing tissue scarring and an increase in blemishes and skin discoloration. Derma rollers are re-usable, meaning that the sterilization standards are not even close to that of a professional device, plus the needles quickly become dull, tearing the skin even more.


The micropen treatment is administered by your licensed health care professional who can adjust and control the depth and speed of penetration of needles into the skin. Professionals use only FDA-approved micropen devices such as SkinPen.

In the professional environment, you can relax with the comfort of knowing that the needle tips are sanitary one-use tips, never re-used as in the case of derma rollers. You have the comfort of your health care professional pre-cleansing and apply a topical numbing agent while you relax prior to treatment.

Motorized micropen penetration is precision and varies in depth according to patient needs and area being treated.

Professional micropens have an adjustable speed that can be set to up to 100 times per second. The pro micropen needles go straight into the skin so there is no tearing. The needles are never re-used so you can relax knowing that they are at their sharpest and completely sanitary.

At first glance, derma rollers may sound like a good, inexpensive alternative but they most often cause more harm than good.

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