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Rain Treatment

25 mins from $115

An invigorating full body exfoliation using aromatherapy essential oils, and Dead Sea mineral salts followed by a Vichy Rain Shower Treatment to exfoliate dead surface skin and improve circulation. Revitalizing and refreshing, leaves your skin baby soft.

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Hydro Massage Bath

30 mins from $40

Immerse yourself in a tranquil ambiance filled with gentle melodies and the warm glow of candles as you indulge in a personal hydrotherapy massage bath. This rejuvenating experience incorporates underwater jets, essential oils, and lyophilized seaweeds to enhance blood oxygenation, boost circulation, address water retention, cellulite, and serenely alleviate stress. **Must be combined with other services**


Cleopatra's Envy

25 min from $115 

Truly a delectable, lavish spa experience. Coconut Cacao cream is lathered onto your skin, then sprinkled with brown sugar to make a delicious moisturizing body scrub. We finish the experience with the cascading Vichy shower, a high-pressure hydrotherapy, and soothing scalp massage. You’ll smell delicious, feel revitalized, and your skin will be so wonderfully soft that it would even make Cleopatra envious!



110 min from $285 | 80 min from $245

Our lavish Signature spa treatment, begins with a 50 min massage. After your massage, warm moisturizing oil is slowly poured onto the skin, followed by Dead Sea mineral salts to detoxify, and exfoliate dead surface skin, while improving circulation. To Complete the experience we end with a cascading Vichy shower, a high-pressure hydrotherapy, and soothing scalp massage. 

What is a Vichy shower

A Vichy shower is a type of hydrotherapy treatment that involves a series of showerheads mounted over a massage table. The guest lies on the table while warm water is released from the showerheads, cascading over the body. 

The name "Vichy" is derived from the spa town of Vichy in France, known for its thermal springs and hydrotherapy traditions. The continuous flow of warm water from multiple showerheads provides a relaxing and soothing experience, enhancing the overall therapeutic effects of the spa treatment. This type of hydrotherapy is valued for its ability to promote relaxation, improve circulation, and contribute to an overall sense of well-being.

Do I need a swimming suit? 

You will not need a swimming suit, but you are welcome to ware one.

The Hydrotherapy Bath is in a private room, and in the case of a couples bath, the level of attire is entirely at you and your partner's discretion, ensuring a comfortable experience for both.

The Vichy treatment guarantees maximum privacy and comfort within your exclusive room. Our professional therapists are dedicated to maintaining your modesty and will skillfully drape you throughout the entire session. Rest assured that your experience is not only rejuvenating but also conducted with the highest standards of respect and professionalism.

How long does a typical Vichy shower session last?

Your indulgent spa experience is designed to last approximately 20 minutes, you can look forward to a dedicated 5-minute segment of Hydrotherapy shower. Vichy showers are tailored to offer a luxurious  and immersive experience, featuring multiple showerheads that cascade water over the body simultaneously. It's noteworthy that Vichy showers typically utilize around 15 to 25 gallons of water per minute.

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